Modena Engineering is based in a modern facility located in Carrum Downs Victoria.

The business was started in 1986 by Frank Capo (owner and resident Ferrari expert). Over the years the business has expanded and evolved, constantly changing to meet technical advancements in the motor racing industry, both in manufacturing techniques, and design.

We have been manufacturing and designing high quality driveline components for motor racing for 30 years, and have supplied components to teams both locally, and all over the world, for just about every form of motorsport.

Modena Engineering has also been involved in many classic car restoration projects, and are often able to manufacture drive line and transmission components that are no longer available or impossible to find.

Modena Engineering has dedicated itself towards making superior and reliable products that continually outperform and outlast our competitors. We have a reputation, which is extremely important to us, based on our ability to manufacture reliable and high quality components that often exceed customer specifications.

Modena Engineering believes that there is no compromising when it comes to quality and materials. Motor racing components are exposed to extremely harsh conditions and subjected to high stress. All steels are tested clean (C1, S1, R1), and sourced from reputable suppliers that we have developed strong long term relationships with.

All our gears are case hardened to strict specifications, in state of the art, computer controlled vacuum furnaces. Each batch is checked for case hardness, case depth and core strength prior to final manufacturing processes. We have been using the same team of Metallurgists for many years and have developed an understanding with them in exactly how we require our work to be done. This enables us to consistently, and reliably, heat treat our gears to the same exacting standards.